Universities of Australia

By | July 19, 2020

Universities in Australia that have inherited the British system of education and its academic standards are highly rated by international rankings. At the same time, the cost of both study and living is much lower than in Europe and America. Having appreciated the high standard of living and the exotic nature of Australia, many students stay here to live, because in a country with great economic potential and the need for specialists in various fields, a favorable migration policy is in place.

Universities of Australia

Higher education system

The generally accepted educational system: undergraduate (3-4 years), master’s program (1-2 years), doctoral studies.

International students can also study at graduate programs at Australian universities.

How to proceed

To enroll in a bachelor’s program at a university in Australia, you must pass the Foundation training program and provide the result of the international IELTS exam (at least 6.5) or TOEFL.

If your knowledge of the language is not enough, you can pre-pass language courses, which IQ Consultancy specialists will help you choose.

Universities offer undergraduate and graduate programs to foreign students.

Popular specialties

Australian universities offer a wide range of programs and specialties, among which the most popular are economics, finance, medicine, marine biology, information technology. Some of the world’s strongest MBA programs and other business courses are also taught here.

Language of instruction
The training is conducted in English, which has been preserved here almost in the classical version and does not have serious differences depending on the state.

Residences on campus, rental apartments.

Authoritative ratings (Shanghai, THE, QS) include from 5 to 8 Australian universities in the top 100 in the world, the top 500 includes more than 20 universities.