Clash of Souls Private Servers Download Ultimate Alternative To COC

By | November 4, 2019

Clash of Souls takes pride in being the best available and highly-trusted private server mod available for the popular clash of clans game. Even though you have other options like Clash of Null, Clash of Magic, etc. but Clash of Souls really offers you an experience that you’d never forget. It gives you access to multiple servers and a range of extraordinary features to make your COC experience worth enjoying.

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Clash of Souls

Just like other limit-free experiences available for the Clash of Clans strategy warfare game, the clash of souls is also a private server mod that allows you access to a range of amazing features. These are the features that you have always missed in the original COC game and they really lift the entire gaming experience for you.

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Clash Souls Features

The Souls private servers offer a range of features to the avid gamer’s. These include:

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  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Elixir
  • Unlimited Dark Elixir
  • Unlimited Troops
  • Safe, stable and speedy servers
  • Zero Build Time
  • Easy Customization


So, if you have always wanted these great limit-free features in your COC experience, it’s time that you explore the different private servers and get on with the installation.

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The Clash of Souls mod is available through multiple servers, each with its own unique features. Here we have a look at all the private servers you can try to download and enjoy playing COC Souls.

  1. The Soul Eater – Clash of Souls Server 1

The Clash of Souls Server 1 is also referred to as The Soul Eater and it offers you unlimited resources, custom buildings and troops, and access to different commands all at the same time.

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  1. The Heart of Soul – Clash Of Souls Server 2

The next private server is the Heart of Soul and it comes with some limitations on resources. Yes, there won’t be unlimited gold, elixir, dark elixir, and gems available while playing this private server mod for Clash of Souls.

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  1. The Velocity of Soul – Clash of Souls Server 3

The next is the Velocity of Soul and here you don’t get access to commands and add-ons. This one is actually the best choice for the professional players.

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  1. The Vengeance of Soul – Clash of Souls Server 4

This one also gives you a limit-free experience with access to custom commands, troops and everything else. It is called the Vengeance of Soul and it is the latest of all the servers available to COC Souls players.

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How To Install Clash of Souls

So, download clash of souls now and get yourself access to a wonderful gaming experience like never before. Once you have downloaded the desired Souls server, just follow the steps given below to get through with the installation.

  • Go to security settings of your device and allow installation from any “unknown sources”
  • Once the download is complete, visit your file manager and browse the downloads folder
  • Tap the Souls Apk and begin the installation process.
  • Allow any permissions that you are prompted to give.
  • The installation will continue and you can sit back and relax until it gets complete

The clash of souls installation will take a few minutes to complete and then you can simply launch the game and start enjoying a wonderful gaming experience.

The Clash of Souls makes one of the best private server mods available for COC and you can play it on different servers. Each of them offers great features and customization making your experience worthwhile. Try it now!